Ranka Jewellers

01. the challenge

Ranka Jewellers, one of Pune’s most loved jewellery brands, had always had a loyal customer base. With the brand’s legacy spread across generations, the loyalties had been passed on from one generation to the next in many families. But with the advent of new-age jewellers and the online jewellery brands, Ranka Jewellers felt a need to reimagine its connection with the next generation of buyers.

At the same time, there was a clear understanding that any outreach should not be alienating the existing loyal customers. Finding a way to navigate around these challenges and still creating impactful communication was an exciting opportunity.

02. the solution

We decided to showcase a jewellery collection that would give the brand a chance to open up conversations with the new buyer. The Antique Silver Jewellery Collection, a unique but generally less showcased collection, was put at the centre of the campaign. To summarise the bold designs of the collection, we called it the Krantinari collection – an ode to the women, young and old, who believe in themselves and take the world and its challenges head on. A bold, modern communication became the talk of town instantly.

The impact of disrupting ideas becomes exponential when pushed digitally. That’s what we experienced here.– Rugwed Deshpande

03. the result

We maximised the use of reels to promote this idea and collection through social media. At the same time, bold grids and dynamic videos captured the essence of Krantinari. With more than 255K views, the reels were a huge hit. More importantly, it led to more online interactions with new customers through the DMs. This further resulted in greater store footfalls, specifically asking for the Krantinari collection. Most of these footfalls were first-time store visitors. The campaign gave Ranka Jewellers, an enhanced brand recall.

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