01. the challenge

ISRL is set to be world’s first-ever franchise-based supercross racing league that is set to start in October 2023, bringing together Indian and international supercross riders. While supercross is one of the most popular sports in the USA and many other countries, its popularity and reach in India is highly limited. We had a task on our hands to make the sport and the league known to people.

We initiated the brand presence for ISRL in a digital-first manner in Nov. 2022, with an eye on the launch and logo reveal event. The first set of digital touchpoints were set up by us, including their website and social media channels. A dynamic brand language gave the league a distinct identity. The social media channels were used to create greater awareness about the sport.

02. the solution

In April 2023, as we moved closer to the marquee event, we started building up the hype around the ISRL launch and logo unveiling event. We collaborated with the biking fraternity to kickstart more conversations about supercross and ISRL. We also crafted the on-ground venue branding, logo unveil film and many more assets. In days leading up to the launch, we generated a lot of curiosity with some interesting behind the scenes content. On June 1, 2023, that is on the launch day, we did live posting from the event, extensive launch coverage through reels and stories and post-even PR coverage.

The live event coverage and the overall video content have been exceptional. It’s just what we wanted to announce supercross in India.– Eeshan Lokhande

03. the result

Having started building a community and followers around supercross gave the ISRL social media channels a good heads up going into the big launch event. The event received coverage from the top 15 media houses across India, in both print and online space. The videos and reels made by us around the launch event received more than 1 million views with an average engagement rate greater than 5%. What’s more; there was a 500% increase in the social media followers of ISRL.

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