01. the challenge

The sheer number of students and working professionals living away from home in India is vast. While hostels/PG are seen as too strict by students, independent apartments are considered too liberal by their parents.

In the post-COVID scenario, the hygiene aspect played an even bigger role in the choice of accommodation, for decision makers in both types of end users. COVIE offers a premium living experience with privacy, great facilities and excellent housekeeping at some of the best locations in Pune, Bengaluru, Gurgaon and Navi Mumbai, but had to compete with relatively affordable and at the same time, lower quality accomodation brands.

02. the solution

On the social media front, we created reels and other content that showcased the indoor features, amenities and locations as the many RTBs (Reasons to Believe) to choose Covie. Testimonials were curated for students and professionals, showing their reasons to prefer Covie. We also emphasised on topicals to communicate the brand philosophy. In performance marketing, we created impactful campaigns to promote subscriptions for Pune, Bengaluru and the newly-launched Navi Mumbai facilities of Covie.

It was great to see how the equalz team aligned with our needs and objectives, right from the beginning. The reuslts followed.– Tejaswini Pawar

03. the result

The performance marketing helped Covie in ensuring maximum occupancy for their Banerghatta (Bengaluru) and Navi Mumbai properties, which had 171 and 141 bed occupancy, respectively. The social media channels got more profile visits as well as more engagement with content that was relatable for the college students as well as young working professionals.

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