Assal Marathi

01. the challenge

While main content creators in English and Hindi have established themselves fairly well, the regional scenario is still a work in progress with a lot of demand for content and not enough credible content creators. Assal Marathi launched their content channel on YouTube to cater to the need of quality Marathi content.

While the content was being produced by them, they faced two critical challenges in the age where social media influencers have already built a loyal fan following. First was the fact that being a new content creator they needed to build their YouTube followership. At the same time, they needed to promote their channel through their social channels.

02. the solution

We devised a social media strategy for them that included creating entertaining and authentic Marathi content, which would first engage the people to their Facebook and Instagram channels, and then lead them to Assal Marathi’s YouTube channel. Through different series that celebrated global and national trends and topicals through a Marathi lens, we created content that had a fresh take on everything. Collaborations with Marathi content creators also built a good social media followership. We also created a YouTube promotional plan for them that built its subscribers in a rather short frame of time.

Marathi content is what started Setu’s journey. Getting a chance to unfold its magic in the digital space is very rewarding.– Nikhil Khaire

03. the result

The Facebook and Instagram channels have garnered a good engagement rate. The videos posted on YouTube continue to receive more than 50k views, on an average. At the same time, the YouTube channel hit 20k subscribers in a matter of just 3 months, through a marketing plan that was innovative and optimised the budget.

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